Oregon Honey Festival

November 15, 2014

I am thrilled to be a presenter at the First Annual Oregon Honey Festival celebrating Bees, Honey, and Almonds on Saturday November 15 at the Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland, Oregon.

I came to the world of honey as a cook, not as a beekeeper, but along the way I became smitten with the bees. Today we have two thriving hives in our little backyard in Eugene, OR. Bees and their honey are now my life. While researching my book, “Taste of Honey” I tasted over 100 different varieties of honey from around the world. I will share these experiences and my passion for honey and honey bees as I lead honey tastings, food pairings and sign copies of my book during the festival. I look forward to greeting you. These and many more activities are on the website

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I’m excited to present a glimpse into my newest cookbook, Taste of Honey (Andrews McMeel Publishing, June 2013). Photo credit Meg Smith
A lifelong honey lover and bee aficionado, this was a dream book for me to work on. Plus now that honey—both local and lesser known varietals from around the world—are gaining in popularity, we are all the more fascinated by this precious commodity.
Now that Taste of Honey has been successfully launched,

I am finally able to focus on my new cookbook project, tentatively called, Whole World Vegetarian. And, am I ever having a great time. Filled with bold, imaginative flavors from around the world, the recipes are bright, fun and exciting...